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Umbrella plant, variegated leaf

I've had my plant for many years, and last year re-potted it into a slightly larger pot using indoor plant potting compost. It was thriving really well. Yesterday, I noticed it was starting to droop somewhat and gave it a drink because the compost felt quite dry to about an inch below the surface. I checked before watering that it wasn't sitting in water, and it wasn't. It perked up a bit last night, but today it's looking sad once more. 
When I investigated the plant yesterday, to check for dryness, I did notice some bright yellow fungi growing in the compost close to the stem but not on it. I'm wondering if these spores had been dormant in the compost I bought to re-pot it. I removed the visible fungi (the largest was about 2cm tall with a circumference no more than 1 cm and there were 3 or 4 others which were much smaller).
Do you think I should completely repot again with fresh compost. I've only got general purpose compost at the moment until I can get to the garden centre - would that do, or should I wait and buy some indoor plant compost? I was also wondering if I should give it a feed with some general purpose feed.
it's a scheflera (spelling?) variegated umbrella plant, and I've had it over 20 years. It's not tall, as I've trained it to be more bushy than tall.
Thanks in anticipation for any advice.
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