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Aphid Problems

Just wondering what methods you all use to kill and prevent aphids. I would like a natural method if possible because they are on my chillies and beans.

Removing them by hand is taking a lot longer now the plants are getting bigger. Moving them into the greenhouse has helped.


  • herbaceousherbaceous E. BerksPosts: 1,688
    In the greenhouse I use a squirter with the nozzle loosened to a jet, usually knocks them off.
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  • nick615nick615 Posts: 261
    Spray with water OR a light mixture of washing up liquid OR a similar mixture of the liquor from boiled rhubarb leaves.  Take yourchoice.
  • LisaDWLisaDW Posts: 19
    I recently had a bad problem with them on my roses, tried spraying with water and with washing up liquid but nothing worked, in the end (out of pure desperation) I put on a pair of disposable latex gloves and gently rubbed them off, worked a treat and was really quick 
  • Thanks for your suggestions. I have ordered some Ecover washing up liquid to try the soap and water spray option. The infestation is getting quite bad now so hopefully it will work.
  • Sabina13Sabina13 Posts: 101
    Neem oil mixed with water and dish soap, works an absolute treat! 
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