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Siting a Green House

I have always wanted a green house but the most obvious place for it in my garden is on a North facing wall.  It will be against the garage so will have easy access to electricity and rain water from the garage roof.  Also there is an existing hardstanding for it to sit on.  My only concern is that the plants will not have sufficient light during the winter months.  Does anyone else have any experience of keeping a green house on such a site?


  • LisaDWLisaDW Posts: 19
    I’m not an expert on greenhouses so may not be the best person to answer this (but if nothing else it will bump it up so someone who is an expert may see it 😊) but I’d have thought that would very much depend on your garden. My garden is North West facing but because I live in a bungalow and my neighbours are also bungalows most of my garden gets a decent amount of light
  • steephillsteephill Posts: 1,228
    What size of greenhouse are you going for?  Bear in mind that you will need all round access for cleaning and maintenance. What plants are you going to overwinter in the greenhouse?
  • ligfarrowligfarrow Posts: 2
    I think I've decided to go for a 4 x 6ft lean to against the garage wall.  Thanks for responding.
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 6,318
    It does depend on other factors such as nearby houses, trees etc. (Although if the trees are deciduous that shouldn't be a problem ).
    If it's a fairly open site it should be fine  :)
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