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I have just potted up some lavender plug plants. Just wondered if they should be kept on the dry side or be well watered until they  grow a bit. Does anyone know please 


  • Make sure they are watered once the look dry. Hope you're using a free draining medium to grow them in. They tend to grow pretty fast. 
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  • Thanks George. Yes they are in a free draining compost. You’re absolutely right - they have trebled in size already. I’ll have to report them into larger pots in a couple of months.
  • afweaverafweaver Posts: 1
    if I buy Hidcote plugs, how fast would they grow to say 30cm wide?
  • B3B3 Posts: 26,560
    I'd say about 3 years but it depends on your conditions and the size of the plug.
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  • So - my lavender plug plants are now filling up medium sized pots and are still in the greenhouse. I’m going to transfer some into large pots with very gritty compost for the patio and some are being planted around the garden. Is it safe to plant in the garden now? Will they be okay this winter? Or should they all be kept in the greenhouse until next year. Don’t want to lose them all after they’ve done so well. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
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