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jamesholtjamesholt Posts: 566
this was my second year of trying to grow tomatoes.  here are my take aways.  i tried some yellow varities and i think i like the reds better?  i really like the grape variety sugar rush for salads?   i really like early girl hybrid for caprese salads?   i like the heiloom variety black crim.  this variety doesnt turn red and has to be picked when its greenish prurple?  black crim.  i think the flavor is better if you pick them when the color is between orange and red?  what are your thoughts?  i like high acid and it seems to be more acidic before totally red?


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,838
    Haven't grown Black Crim and this year, thanks to Covid, the plant fair where I buy 2 or 3 each of several heritage tomatoes was cancelled.   I have some  self seeded yellow pears from last year's plants.  We like those with red cherry tomatoes in salads such as Tuscan panzanella and they also make very good semi dried tomatoes to store in olive oil and serve on bruschetta.   

    We like the big fat marmande type tomatoes in red, orange and yellow varieties for slicing for tomato salads and tarts and I grow San Marzano from seed for making passata for winter sauces and casseroles.   

    This year our plants come from ordinary stocks at the garden centre and supermarkets and it's too early to say how they will turn out but they are all growing well and setting fruit.   The first will be ready to eat in a few days and others in a week or two.
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