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Things that are REALLY annoying me in my gardenšŸ˜”

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I'mĀ  going to name and shame things in my gardenĀ  that are murderouslyĀ  beyond a PITA
You canĀ  name yours if you want, but in the absenceĀ  of properĀ  EnglishĀ  weather, IĀ  need to vent. šŸ˜”

Geraniums IĀ  bought in desperationĀ  in lockdown that turned out to be the municipal ones you find hanging from lamp postsĀ 

Nice roseĀ  wonderful scent - if you've got a jet pack. I'dĀ  never even heard of pillar roses. Great if you want something to clad the parthenon or the Eiffel TowerĀ 

Rampant gaura I'mĀ  not admittingĀ  it'sĀ  my fault .

Three yearsĀ  ago I knew these sprawlers had to go but Iforget what a PITA they are and then they flower. When I harvest the seeds, they're going. I've even got their replacements

Spikey bits on top of a variety of mature shrubs that I can'tĀ  reach.Ā  Well IĀ  can with a step on and my friskar wonder tool. But IĀ  can't be a***d
I will stopĀ  nowĀ  I'veĀ  gone off the boil but many more are availableĀ 

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  • Anna33Anna33 West SussexPosts: 236
    @Treeface ,Ā  I'm with you on some of your list. The noise of children from neighbouring gardens (we've nicknamed the youngest one next door the wailing banshee, as you can guarantee that no matter what time of day or night, when you need peace and quiet, he will be crying), my neighbour's really loud voice when talking to said children, his nicknames for their already stupid first names, loud music playing from any garden, another neighbour two doors down who has really loud, slow, pointless phone conversations in her garden most evenings, astroturf and paving killing off the gardens round here, and rubbish dumped down alleyways behind all the houses.

    I am a nice person, honest, despite the grumpiness of the above - I've just lived in close quarters with people for too long and I'm craving more space!!

    In my own garden, things that are really annoying me are: aphids on plants that are normally immune (crab apple and dogwoods, anyone??), being swamped by snails intent on demolishing anything new or interesting despite multiple collect-and-release attempts and beer traps, the sheer number of baby garden orb spiders that are learning to span gaps and paths already in preparation for their onslaught in autumn (I was too soft and couldn't kill the masses and masses of hatchlings earlier), beet leaf miners, and those caterpillars that cocoon themselves in the top leaves of plants so make them stick together and not grow properly.

    Plant-wise, my pyracantha that I have no room for, looking sad in a small pot, yet I can't allow it to die, the potatoes filling up a huge part of the patio despite being in bags and which aren't even ready to harvest yet, knautia macedonica which gets serious mildew every year (it's coming out this year), my echinops from my mum's garden but which appears to be a giant variety far too big for it's space - it's also coming out this year despite the sentimental value, and Achillea Cloth of Gold, which persists and thrives despite having been relegated to a crummy spot next to the fence. I just don't get it - loads of family/friends love it, but it does nothing for me.

    However, despite all of the above, I love my garden, am a plantaholic, am really enjoying the beauty of the garden at this time of year. Even if I have crammed some of the plants in to within an inch of their lives.
  • B3B3 Posts: 18,201
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    That's the most annoying thing. You hate them but you don't want to kill them. Evergreens are the worst. At least with deciduous plants, you can quietly dispose of them when they are sticks.
    I can't think of any plant that I steeled myself to kill that I regretted its demise
    In London. Keen but lazy.
  • BenCottoBenCotto RutlandPosts: 2,768
    I am really out of my depth with this conversation. My neighbours are friendly, kind and quiet and the garden is looking good. There are however four chief moans of the week: the antirrhinums sold as dark red are distinctly orangey-red. The moment they stop flowering theyā€™re on a one way trip to the compost bin. The cauliflower looks like the love child of sprouting broccoli, and the lily pads got battered by hail, an enemy attacked the damaged leaves and now many are mottled black and dying. And the lawn has another outbreak of red thread.
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    Had to think about it, best I can come up with is overhanging stuffs from the neighbours either side. It's not really a problem to trim things back, but if they were maintained a little more by the owners the plants would probably benefit from it and cause me less work. I think they could have been more thoughtful with the planting, so they didn't have things that seem to exist just to get into our guttering etc.Ā 

    Really can't think of much else, but have been on a major drive recently to remove or improve repeated annoyances from the garden, like bits that needed perpetual weeding or were difficult to maintain, plants in silly places etc.

    We do have a younger family moved in next door recently. I just take it in my stride as I wouldn't expect them to live like they were in a mortuary. I'm on the young toddler's side because he has a little veg plot and demands none of his visiting friends go near his 'garden' as he calls it, so I can relate to him. It helps me not notice so much when he is running up and down the garden all afternoon making siren noises etc.

    There is a wind of change locally, it was a village of fairly old couples or at least couples with grown up kids. Not really got a problem with it, but do feel it might be time soon to move somewhere more secluded and let a younger family enjoy our three bedroom house and the younger atmosphere that is developing.

    I think somewhere with a smaller house and more land without neighbours might appeal. Hopefully without too many annoying things in the garden.
  • FireFire LondonPosts: 10,147
    My crab apples are coated in aphids, but I'm taking that an indictment that I'm not watering them enough. I keep clipping off the encrusted growing tips and there is less and less crab apple. Not a good plan.

    Having chosen the wrong roses to grow over a large arch. They sit and snigger at the arch and refuse to have anything to do with it.

    A new DJ garden studio two doors down that have pounding base night and day.

    Lastly a neighbour burning an entire deconstructed shed - plastic bits, mdf and all - on a small chimnea. That's two months of choking black smoke. I implore them to take it to the dump, now that it is open. I can imagine murder being done in the gardens of small locked down terraces - what with all the all-day-bbqs, kids screaming, parties going on all night, practising DJs, and 50 relatives coming over to celebrate.Ā 
  • Mary370Mary370 Limerick, Ireland Posts: 2,001
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    I have a yellow broom, fabulous when in flower but dead ugly now it's going to seed.Ā  It's also large and sprawling, don't really like it but it fills a space.Ā  I'll wait until I'm finished the garden before I take it out.
  • HelixHelix 704m altitude...Posts: 631
    The neighbourā€™s goat which he lets roam freely and eats all the decorative plants in front of houses in the village, including ours, and drives our dog crazy by hanging about outside our house. Ā He is a drunk (the neighbour not the goat) so thereā€™s no reasoning with him.Ā 

    Convolvulus and mareā€™ tail.

    A crab apple that just wonā€™t grow

    The previous owners planted a tree under the electricity line that crosses garden, so we have to prune it every two years. Itā€™s a beautiful maple so we canā€™t bear to think about chopping it down.

    And whoever it is that comes into the garden at night and digs holes and has eaten all the crocus. Ā 
  • B3B3 Posts: 18,201
    I suppose I should have said PLANTS that really annoying you. That's what I meant.
    Things that look great in the first flush of youth and then don'tšŸ˜Š
    In London. Keen but lazy.
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  • Janie BJanie B LincolnshirePosts: 784
    Something that gets me irrationally irritated is when you buy three plants, same time, same variety, to grow together and there is always one that fails to thrive as well as the other two. Always makes the whole look very uneven... oh, and the neighbour whose teen son has been shooting basketball hoops all through lockdown... but she's my friend and I wouldn't dream of saying anything to her...!
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