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Hi again 

The photo is of a 6 month old shrub rose planted from bare roots, one of the stems has shot up. Not expecting any flowers, just wondering if I should do something with the stem?

Thanks 🤔🙂


  • celcius_kkwcelcius_kkw Posts: 752
    edited June 2020
    From the picture it looks like a healthy basal cane arising.. although a good look at where it originates from would be helpful. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t expect any flowers.. we still have at least two months to go before roses start to wind down so plenty of time for your rose to bloom. 

    Hopefully the other more experienced rose growers here can double check if this is a basal cane. If it is you might want to consider staking it given your rose is still quite young and you don’t want it snapping in the wind. 

    Do join us on the main Rose Season 2020 thread.. it’s a place where we talk and share about everything rose related, and everyone there is lovely 😊 
  • Just realised that I hadn't replied to your kind advice celcius_kkw, I will check out the rose discussion. 

    Thanks 🙂
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