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Hayloft Hardy Perennial Collection (GW Offer Spring 2020) Postponed

FiddlingOnFiddlingOn Posts: 84
I don't know whether it's just me but today, 25th June, I chased up an order placed mid-April for 30 plants to be delivered by 12th June 2020 that I had not yet received. (I had refrained from querying any earlier as their website said that orders were running a fortnight behind schedule and I could understand that due to Covid-19 business wouldn't be working as normal.) Hayloft apologised and told me that the order had been postponed until next year and that an email had been sent alerting me to this situation. The email I had apparently been sent also offered the alternative of claiming a refund. I can't trace being sent this email as I had been regularly scanning emails showing "Hayloft" and nothing appeared. It was suggested to me that the email could have gone into my junk mail folder but the scans check that folder too. As I don't know what the garden will require next year I requested a refund. So, if there's anyone else out there waiting for their plants that haven't turned up maybe you have also missed this email from Hayloft...


  • SafflowerSafflower Posts: 65
    Hi I ordered a 10 plant perennial collection on May 6 and just received the plants yesterday. To be honest, I completely forgot about the order because it took so long!
  • FiddlingOnFiddlingOn Posts: 84
    Hello Safflower, yes I noticed that GW sent out another promotional email for this offer from Hayloft on the 6th May. Maybe they could satisfy more customers who bought the 10 plant offer over the 30 plant one so they took priority.
  • SafflowerSafflower Posts: 65
    Yes, that's a shame @FiddlingOn . If it makes you feel any better, they were only plug plants.
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