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Rambling Roses

sidcolesidcole Posts: 1
I have really good Rambling Rector which has flowered well this year. Should I prune it now? If I leave it will go to hips? Thank you


  • You can prune them immediately after flowering, usually mid / late July. However if you cut away at the base wild and unplaced shoots that are hard to tie in that is best as you don't really want to have a great many branches that cover each other for instance. Otherwise, tidy it a little and make sure it's tied in to its support. For the blooms that have died back, it is nice to leave these to turn to hips if you can stand it, as the birds love them and they look quite attractive later in the year. Good luck!
  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,114
    You can tidy it up now if you need to but Rambling Rector flowers on new growth so the usual advice is to leave all the flowered stems on all summer so you get the hips for autumn and winter interest as well as feeding the birds.

    Come early spring you then cut out all these old stems, feed it and train in new ones as they grow.
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