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First post on here in the hope that someone can advise on my lawn.

I have an established South facing lawn of around 56m2 in size.
About half of the lawn is in partial shade for half the day, and the grass in this area is lovely and thick and green.
However in other parts of the lawn that is in the full South facing sun all day without shade, the grass looks very dry and course, and looks like Grey/Blue patches from a distance.
Im mowing it weekly on the highest setting, and also adding fertiliser around every 6 weeks as advised.
I had been watering it every evening, but stopped when i read that it was bad for the grass and now only intend on watering twice per week.
When I last mowed the grass on Saturday, it all looked ok and nice and Green but in 3 days, has developed these dull grey areas again.

Any advice on what may be the cause of these areas?

Do I need to water more in this hotter weather, these areas that are in full sun all day?
Will I damage the other areas of lawn that are healthy if I water too often?

Thanks in advance.


  • You may want to add a couple of photos to help illustrate the state of the lawn. 
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  • Ah yes, I didnt realise I could.
    Ive tried to show the issue, but not sure it comes through well enough on the images?
    Attached 2 of the problem, and one of the better area of grass.
    The lawn isnt a consistent quality throughout, so could assume its the sun/heat?
  • BILLYCBILLYC Posts: 70
    I have no idea what the drainage is like in your lawn. But, if the grass in full sun looks dry it probably needs watering. If the grass in shade is lush & green this also suggests that you have good drainage. Normally grass in total shade with poor drainage is prone to developing moss. If you have no moss then, probably, you have good drainage which in turn effects the grass growing in full sun.

    After 40 years of looking after lawns I have never come across blue/grey areas in a lawn. It sounds like your over fertilizing to me?

    So, my suggestions; If you can, water the grass that is in full sun not the grass in shade. The best time to do this is when the sun IS NOT shining. Don't make the mistake of watering so the grass is just wet you need to soak the area thoroughly. Just wetting grass causes it to dry out & develop diseases. Lay off the fertilizer. You should fertilize once in the Spring & maybe once or twice in the Summer followed by a phosphate rich (no nitrogen) in the Autumn. NOT HIGH NITROGEN FERTILIZER EVERY 6 WEEKS. Your killing it with kindness.

    Finally a note on mowing. I would guess that you have a rotary mower? This is all but useless if you want a half decent lawn. You need to cut your grass with a cylinder mower. One that cuts to 10m/m or less. One of the biggest mistakes people make when cutting there lawn is to leave it long. Like most plants grass benefits from being cut short (NOT SCALPED) it acts like a tonic, new grass develops & the lawn gets thicker. A cheap push cylinder mower costs about £60, hard work but I guarantee you'll see the an improvement in your lawn in a few short weeks.

    Hope this helps? Let me know if it does.

    Good luck!     
  • BILLYCBILLYC Posts: 70
    I've just seen the pictures of your grass. It looks thick and lush. Probably because you're over fertilizing. The grass underneath will more than likely be brown & dry.

    Cut the grass on your mowers lowest setting. Hire yourself an electric rake and rake the area thoroughly & cut the grass again. I warn you now that your grass will look awful! Now, just leave it till you see new shoots coming through. DO NOT APPLY ANY MORE FERTILIZER.
  • Ok thanks for your help.
    Ill give your advise a go.

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