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Lady Banks Rose (R Banksiae Lutea) Problems

Hi All,

I'm hoping someone can give me some advice on issues I am having with my Lady Banks Rose.

I moved into a new property in August 2019. There was a very nice hedge on the fence in the rear garden. (photo looking down the garden with the hedge on the right).

Through the winter it did not impact us but when the weather was warm in spring (March 2020) the hedge was intruding quite a lot over our deck. Therefore, I trimmed it back, without really thinking about it. I did this to begin with with an electric hedge trimmer as it was quite extensive, then pruned out some more branches with secateurs. I subsequently did some research and believe this to be a lady banks rose (from leaves and subsequent flowers).

In April 2020 the bush was producing new shoots and flowered quite nicely (photo with yellow flowers).

However, it is now (June 2020) and appears to be in a very bad shape. All the leaves have dropped off and there might be a couple of green shoots but I don't know if these are new or are on their way out. Most of the branches are brown. (Photos with the dumbbells on the table and where it is quite obviously a browned/dying bush).

I would very much like the bush to be there as it is aesthetically very nice on the deck, but it also provides a nice screen over the low fence between ourselves and our neighbour's patio area.

I am worried that the way I have trimmed the bush has damaged it. But I am hoping that it is not beyond saving? Apart from the trimming, the only other works I have done to the bed in which the bush sits it to provide some ground bone and fish, rose fertiliser around the rose, and weeded and watered everything. I also removed a dead tree trunk that was at the other end of the bed next to a large holly tree.

What is even more bizarre is that the neighbour's have a shrub (visible in the third photo behind the fence), of which half only has died. They have asked me if I have put anything down that would have killed everything (which I haven't). We also then have a teasing georgia rose further down the same bed which is doing very well. Then to add to my confusion, beyond that in the bed is the very mature holly tree which also seems to have died as it is very brown, leaves are brown and crispy or have fallen off. Due to the variation in the health of the plants in the same bed I am very confused. The new grass seed has taken very well, the bay and other tree on the other side of the garden are doing very well.

If anyone is able to provide some help of guidance I would be very appreciative. My main concern at the moment is the Lady Banks Rose, primarily due to the screening it provides to give privacy to our neighbour's. I will then look at the Holly tree at a later date.



  • Irrespective of your pruning it flowered. However, we have effectively had a drought and it looks as though the rose is in the rain shadow of the fence. I would give it a feed, thoroughly soak the whole area - from the base to at least 2-3ft out in every direction to catch the feeder roots. I would repeat the watering once a week. You could scratch the stems to see if they are green underneath and, if they are, you know it has gone into shock but is still alive. It may still come back, so don't give up yet.
  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 5,687
    Beautiful rose, I hope it returns to health (suspect it will even if that means reshooting from the base).

    I was contemplating one of these but discounted it for being too large.... hmm it seems to work very well in your garden, which is about the same size as mine.
    "What is hateful to you, do not do to your neighbour". 
  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    I agree it's more likely a water issue since a few other shrubs have suffered. You can feel if smaller branches have died-off. They are usually light and brittle, and likely to snap if you bend them. Check the top branches first and you may need to prune back further when checking.

    It's quite a sizable rose already, and because they flower much earlier than most, it may have suffered just when the weather started to heat up. I doubt it has anything to do with you pruning it. Keep with the watering, and water generously. Very unlikely you can over-water it. The rose can sometimes get late frost damage too, so if your rose is planted facing east or north, they can suffer possible die-back.
  • Loraine3Loraine3 Posts: 579
    These are fairly indestructible; I had one in the past on the front of a three storey house, every so often it was cut to the ground and always grew back. Need a fair amount of pruning as it will take over. 
  • Thank you all for the comments.

    The rose is directly south facing and gets some pretty constant sun through the day.

    I'm just a bit confused as some shrubs have suffered and others haven't. I would have thought that if it was a lack of water it would have affected everything. Then there's also the neighbour's shrub which has half died. I had a sudden though that a blocked sewer under our deck that leaked could have had an impact?

    I will keep watering and see how it gets on. Maybe I need to do some more drastic pruning next spring and come up with a solution with our neighbours to install a screen or something until the rose grows back across the area.

  • Hi,
    I’m wondering if I can get some advice on my previous posts. The rose bush seems to have no died. As everything else is starting to flourish now, there is not one sign of growth on the plant.

    Is there anything obvious that could have happened.

    There is a drain pipe running beneath our garden and I have had to unblock through the manhole a couple of times. Could this have contributed. The manhole where there was an overflow is about 1.5m from the base of the rose.

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