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Has anyone completed a British Academy of Garden Design - Post Grad Diploma online course? Is this suitable for someone who is changing careers after 20yrs as a Primary teacher, with a BA(Hons)Fine Art Degree. Able to work from home full time.


  • Hi Helen, did you take the leap? I am also a teacher looking to move into garden design. Currently trying to choose between RHS and British Academy of Garden Design. I like the look of the latter - if you've gone for it I'd be interested to hear what you think! Holly 
  • nick615nick615 Posts: 1,364
    I feel I ought to sound a word of caution, insofar as the UK's future economy is likely to be obliged to adopt a theme of realism?  If people can afford to indulge in takeaway meals, the luxury of having them delivered could be beyond reach and they'll go and collect them as of yore.  In similar vein, are the two of you likely to generate enough full time customers with sufficient disposable income to occupy you for a 45 week working year?  After all, part of the fun of creating a garden is one's own personal satisfaction.
  • A valid point, Nick, and one I have considered too. Personally I plan to use my current skill set to keep making money as a back teaching, tutoring etc. BUT I'm not going to let the current climate stop me from pursuing an interest - where's the fun in life then? Hopefully I'll be good enough to make some money, and if not I'm sure I'll figure something out. I'd rather give it a go than avoid it completely. 
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