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Courgette buds not opening

Hello there! :)
I'm growing courgettes and they seem pretty happy and they have little buds on them. The buds are two or three weeks old and haven't yet flowered. Am I doing anything wrong? My courgettes are in large pots outside. I sometimes give them a little plant food. They've been growing a lot and seem nice big healthy plants apart from the unopened buds!
Any advice would be really helpful!


  • SkylarksSkylarks East MidlandsPosts: 221
    The buds will take a while before they flower, give them a few more weeks and hopefully you’ll have some lovely yellow flowers. 
  • hel.vesseyhel.vessey Posts: 3
    The trouble with courgettes is that half the time the yellow flowers are male and therefore never turn into fruit.  One year we had no courgettes at all, just flowers.
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