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How far apart to plant bushes?

robin 435robin 435 Posts: 54
Please could you give me some advice on plant spacing for bushes...
I'd like to fill an empty bed in my garden with bushes to fill it up, and am trying to calculate how far apart to plant them.
For example, if I have 2 bushes that grow 5ft high with a spread of 5ft, then they will grow outwards by 2.5 feet from their trunks all around. So if I plant them 5ft apart, when fully grown they will just about touch one another.
Is this a good way to plan the spacing or is that not enough space?
Thanks for your help


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    edited June 2020
    Your plan sounds fine. Don’t forget you can always prune shrubs to control and shape as well as raising their canopy as they grow. 
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