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Telescopic Secateurs

Afternoon All,

Can anyone shed any light on which brand the Telescopic Secateurs were that monty was using in this friday's episode? (19/06/2002)

I've had a look online but can't find any that look like that pair and i prefer to know what i'm buying works!


  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 22,627
    I don't know but OH has just bought some by Wolf and he is pleased with them. I think some of Monty's tools are German.
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  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,645
    I have some Wolf telescopic secateurs too but have never used them.   They were bought for a pruning job in our garden in Harrow in 1990 but then we moved to Belgium and I didn't need them.   They are part of the Wolf multi head range which can be attached to an assortment of handles in different lengths which means easier storage and greater flexibility depending on the job in hand..

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  • B3B3 Posts: 26,492
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    Ive never found any that I could use comfortably. The balance is never right and they're very heavy.
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  • robzrobz Posts: 3
    I don't know but OH has just bought some by Wolf and he is pleased with them. I think some of Monty's tools are German.

    I've had a good look around but those particular ones seem fairly elusive. If i do find out i will of course report back. Lots of similar looking ones on amazon but mixed reviews.
  • B3B3 Posts: 26,492
    I got a friskar tree pruner yesterday. I love it! now that I've worked out how to use it - no instructions in package or on website. It's not telescopic, but the reach is good and you can adjust the angle of the cutting bit. They do longer telescopic  ones, but I think they'd be unwieldy. I was surprised to be able to cut quite thick branches with it. 
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  • TopbirdTopbird Posts: 8,193
    Do you need them to be telescopic @robz ? I looked for ages for some long reach snips / secateurs (as opposed to tree or shrub loppers of which I have many different types) for more delicate long-reach dead heading.

    Eventually bought a Spear & Jackson easy reach pruner which is about 3' long and enables me to dead head large roses in the middle of the border without trampling all over smaller plants. It also holds onto the bit you've cut off (bit of a knack).

    With my arm length & a bit of a stretch it gives me a reach of around 5'. So no good for tall climbing / rambling roses but good for border work.

    It does need to be kept very sharp to work efficiently.
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  • robzrobz Posts: 3
    Evening Everyone. I promised to report back so here i am. I found the closest thing possible. It's on amazon and called Telescopic Garden Leader, Pruner, Knight of the Rose , Currently £44.99 but being amazon that goes up and down. I paid £40. It extends out to a smidgen over 2 metres , It's fairly light and easy to use. There's a jaw at the end which holds whatever you've cut if you want to retrieve it and bin it.

    Fantastic bit of kit and i thoroughly recommend it (time will tell if it lasts) , The roses were dead-headed in no time and no messing around on a ladder needed. It's made by Garten Primus , a German company and here it is on their website :

    I hope that helps everyone else!
  • findmandyfindmandy Posts: 3
    I purchased a similar one and in spite of not being able to understand the exact mechanism to open the cutting jaw, to begin using it, I've managed well. However, today, no amount of "fiddling", including moving the little aluminium 'trigger' on the handle, will give me control of the cutting jaw... can anyone help?? Please??
  • FireFire Posts: 17,349
    I too am looking for some super-light weight long arm snips just for roses on arches. They will cutting nothing chunky - just head heading. I have various long term/ telescopic tools for trees and bushes etc. I am looking for a much lighter affair …
  • AthelasAthelas Posts: 862
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    I find this one quite light @Fire, bought it from Amazon. It’s not very long though.

    Spear and Jackson 8200RS/09 Razorsharp Easy Reach Pruner

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