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Feature tree in circular bed

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Hi all, looking for a bit of advice. We are removing 10ft trampoline from the middle of the lawn and I’ve decided to replace it with a flower bed with a feature tree in a middle. I’ve whittled it down to 2 candidates; Cercis canadensis 'Lavender Twist' and Cheals weeping cherry tree. Cheals would probably be my preferred option; however local nurseries don’t stock them but they do have the first tree. Not sure how I feel about mail ordering the cherry tree. Garden is south facing although tree might be in partial shade due to a plum tree nearby, which I may or may not keep. I am pretty much a fruit and veg gardener, trees and plants are completely new to me but spreading my wings a bit. Location as per picture below. Thanks!


  • VegOnlyVegOnly Posts: 2

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    I would be tempted to take out the straight path down to the garage door,  and add a curved path around your planned bed. Then get a larger tree and add seating under it, curved like the bed, but add wood chipping under them. This would give the new tree room to grow without competition. This would leave you room to make a new bed alongside the drive, maybe giving it a curve too, and a triangle of grass between it the tree and new path. Then you could decide what other beds, path or seating you wanted, leaving the far end of the garden for a veg plot.
    It's just an idea.😁
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