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Plant identification

kazluntkazlunt Posts: 7
Can anyone identify these plants? They belonged to my late brother and are now in need of good new homes. 


  • The two fat tubers in the second photo look like Gerrardanthus macrorhizus, and the plant in the bottom corner looks like a dormant Testudinaria elephantipes.

  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,144
    Pic.1  First plant may be Dioscorea (Testudinaria) alata ; growing in the same pot looks like a small Euphorbia meloformis (don't think it's E.obesa) .
    Next large pot may be another Dioscorea sp. Little brown pot nr. window may be Pachypodium brevicaule ; next , tall grey spined plant is Pachypodium lamerei (Madagascan Ghost-tree)'.
    Cannot make out the last two on the right .
    Pic.2 Multi-stemmed plant in brown pot may be a struggling Adenium obesum .
    Not sure of the green ones laying sideways , but think the two fat tubers could be Raphionacme burkei (opposite leaves) ; last on bottom right is Dioscorea elephantipes .
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