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Delphiniums: deadheading vs. keeping seeds or just do cuttings in the spring?

ldrldr Posts: 9
I have some smashing delphiniums (ranging from white through ice blue via lilac to Deep Purple in just their 2nd year) and they all could do with deadheading.  But before I get out with the scissors, I wondered if I'm better leaving the spikes on  the plant until the seeds "mature" (I guess they do - and are most fecund when the seed heads go brown). 

Is it worth keeping the dead-headed spikes in expectation they will produce viable seeds in storage - or should I just let nature take her course and wait for them to mature naturally. 

On the other hand, should I just not bother with the seeds at all, and take basal cuttings next spring or just divide any of them big enough?

Thanks in advance

(PS: there are a LOT of questions that have already been answered after just a few hours reading the forums ....)


  • PosyPosy Posts: 3,601
    It's really interesting to take seeds from your garden and grow them on. The only downside is that many don't come true. They may be lovely, but not the same as mum. If you want to collect them you need to let them mature on the plant I believe. 
  • ldrldr Posts: 9
    Thank you Posy: one of the reasons I was interested in growing from seed is exactly to see what they might turn into :)  
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