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Sunflowers decimated



  • BenDoverBenDover Posts: 484
    Rhuben said:
    Go out around midnight with a torch and I'm almost certain you'll find those sunflowers swarming with earwigs. My dahlias and sunflowers have been stripped bare by an onslaught of earwigs this year. Putting down jars part filled with olive oil is what solved the problem. Earwigs find olive oil irresistible and end up falling in, the oil also prevents them climbing back out. When the traps need emptying I scoop the earwigs out with with an old fork onto a piece of kitchen towel to dry off the excess oil and then the robins and blackbirds get to enjoy a tasty treat. 
    If you were in some parts of Asia they’d probably skewer them and roast them on an open griddle! I kid you not. Apparently, eating insects is the way to go to save the planet. I’ll stick to my nice piece of cow, thanks! 🤣
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