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Suggestions for privacy

I'm redesigning my garden as the large amount of lawn is high maintenance and rather boring. I also have an issue as I'm very overlooked on all 3 sides.  Due to the position of my house, I know it's not possible to make it completely private (not without a large bank balance), but I'd like some ideas of plants/shrubs/trees that I could plant to take away the feeling of being on completely on show.  Coming out of my house, I have decking and pebbles, and at the back, a large border that I've been filling with shrubs and perennials.
I planted a magnolia tree last year, just off the pebbled area, to screen my neighbors view across to where I want a paved circle laying as this is the area that keeps the sun.
Any suggestions would be welcome.
1st pic is as it is now, the 2nd is how I want to shape it.


  • kirpalraikirpalrai Posts: 6
    Hi! I’m only a beginner gardener so I don’t know much but we live in a newbuild and it’s very overlooked. I planted silver birches at the back as I wanted privacy but didn’t want to totally block out the light coming through. If you don’t want to lose too much space you could look
  • kirpalraikirpalrai Posts: 6
    I’m not sure why my previous post was cut short! Sorry! Was going to mention pleached hornbeam is a good screener to think about if you don’t want to lose to much space from the garden! Sorry if I wasn’t much help!
  • kwadskwads Posts: 11
    Thank you for your suggestions, any help is appreciated. I like the idea of birches 
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