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Help identifying please

Still slowly doing the garden and trying to improve the sickly plants that were in my garden when I moved in a couple of years ago. 
This one was in a small pot and look like it had vine weevil or similar when I moved in and I’ve repotted in a larger pot and is now much healthier . This year had White flowers but I don’t know what it is 

This was cut back harshly when we moved in as it was in a very overgrown area full of trees and conifers with very little light this year it has come on loads 

Many thanks for all your help


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    Could the top photo be Exochorda?

    Second photo might be Viburnum. Maybe Viburnum Plicatum.

    Top shrub really needs to be planted in the ground, or a much larger size container. The pot doesn't look deep enough.
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