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Multiple plant issues 😫 please help(eucalyptus, olive tree and a plant I can’t identify)

hannahkatyhannahkaty Posts: 4
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First time poster - sorry if I’m going about this the wrong way!

so, I’ve recently moved into a flat with a garden and am having a few issues with some of the plants that my friends left behind when they moved abroad leaving me to tend to their south west facing garden with little shade 😬 I have very little experience of gardening and am worried I’m going to kill everything!

Firstly. I have three potted Eucalyptus trees. Two of them have almost totally turned orange. I repotted them hoping that would help. One is now beginning to sprout fresh green leaves - yay! (pictured)so I think it is saved the other is still looking pretty dead.

My questions on these two eucalyptus are 

1- should I cut back the (I presume) dead branches on the one that is starting to grow again?
2 - the one that isn’t growing again - do I just cut my losses? I’m pretty sure at this stage it’s beyond help. 

I have another eucalyptus which I haven’t repotted yet which is still mostly green but has a few leaves turning orange 
Will repotting save this fella? And again should I cut out any orange branches?
general care tips for eucalyptus also welcomed - have done some reading but am still a bit clueless.

Other issues I have:
Unsure of the name of this plant

What’s happening to this lady who lives in a raised bed? Is it snails? What Can I do to stop it from being eaten?

Potted Olive tree!
This olive tree - also potentially in need of a repot? Just noticed a few leaves starting to go brown/ orange also. Any tips on care for this?

Thank you so much in advance for your help! I think I am keeping most of the plants they have alive and have revived a few so am not beyond help (thank god) but some things feel a bit beyond my skill level right now. 



  • ButtercupdaysButtercupdays Posts: 4,501
    Think you've drawn a bit of a short straw there, those pots are way too small, should have been repotted ages ago! They will be full of roots, no nutrients left and no room for water either, which is likely the reason for the brown leaves. So yes, repot the olive tree in a larger pot, using John Innes No3, some multipurpose compost and some grit to aid drainage. I should think you are safe to prune off the dead bits, but I have never grown either of these myself,  so not an expert.
    The olive and the eucalyptus will appreciate sun, your second plant is, I think, a Euonymous, (though someone will correct me if I'm wrong :)) and they don't mind shade. Tough as old boots, just keep it well watered and it will not be bothered by a few nibbles. Good Luck!
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