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Are my Portuguese Laurels OK?

joe.shimminjoe.shimmin Posts: 213
We planted a hedge as 6ft rootballs in Nov 2018. They’ve gotten over their first year and not died and I’ve also planted smaller potted laurels in between to fill gaps lower down. 
I had to plant 40 rootballs in a day so I admit the jokes I dug weren’t massive. I made sure that the plants were not planted too deeply and added root grow fungi to the soil in the hole. I have added fish, blood and bone at the correct times and if it gets dry I use a leaky hose to water them. 
In spring, we saw quite a lot of nice new growth but things seem to have stopped now and quite a few yellow leaves are appearing. Is this OK or a sign that they’re not healthy? 
Here are some pics...
1- healthy looking new growth.
2- Smaller pot grown laurel showing yellow leaves.
3- large rootball laurel with some nice spring growth and some yellow leaves.

Thanks, Joe


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