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Could you please tell me what is on my rose, which I think is a field rose but happy to be corrected

So, not see this on a rose before - any ideas? Think rose is a field rose, happy to be corrected. I have rspb approved hedge...Thank you.


  • MarlorenaMarlorena Posts: 8,328
    ..that's nice... you have Robin's Pincushion.. don't see many of those, I wish I saw a few more... it's quite harmless, caused by a gall wasp ..

    ...nice rosa arvensis, I can see the fused styles in the middle, something I like to notice... I bet you have a nice hedge there.. enjoy your rose, and the unusual feature you have at the moment...
    East Anglia, England
  • Liz.S.Liz.S. Posts: 55
    It's a gall of some kind.
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  • Thank you, I shall look up gall wasp and other things you have mentioned. I do have a fab hedge, it is all about hedgerow for wild life. 

    Going to look up now but is Robin's P a bee. I have so many bees. Some of them, I know there ways. Have a most cute fat one, does same travel, pops into house, same place, pops out. Thanks again 
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