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Lilac Tree Diagnosis

sylvieathomesylvieathome Posts: 16
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Please can someone help? Over the last couple of weeks, this lilac tree has started to lose leaves. It has new growth, but some older leaves are turning yellow and crispy. 
We have clay soil and it faces west. I haven't added any fertiliser or anything. Can anyone figure out what it could be?
Many thanks in advance!


  • Hi everyone,
    I hope you are all well.
    I'm sorry to revive this month old thread, but I'm hoping someone might be able to help me.

    Here are some photos of what this lilac tree looked like in April this year. It was in full bloom and looked lovely, but it had a lot of dead branches:

    I decided to cut off all dead branches (probably a bad idea) and it looked like this:

    When the flowers started to die, I deadheaded them and give it plenty of water in the heat wave we had. It looked fine for a while. 

    The photo in the previous post above (19th June) was when things started to go downhill.

    I hoped it would improve. I stopped watering as much - especially as the weather wasn't so hot anymore. Unfortunately it seems to be getting worse...Could someone offer some advice please? I feel so sad about this tree and I'm hoping it can be saved. Any advice is much appreciated. The following photos show what it looks like now:

    Best wishes,
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