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cab84cab84 Posts: 5

Newbie here. I am looking for some recommendations of any climber plants that I could use to disguise the wall in the photo? Bamboo edge but it has been badly wind damaged at the sides and I don't want to plant anymore. Garden is south facing and drainage is good due to the aggressive bamboo! Any low maintenance suggestions as what could climb this wall and make it a bit more pretty? Would need to climb in behind the bamboo. Thanks 


  • cab84cab84 Posts: 5

  • cab84cab84 Posts: 5
    The wall is about 10 ft tall and 20 ft in length. Thanks
  • BijdezeeBijdezee Posts: 1,484
    Virginia creeper? Gorgeous autumn colours.

    Are you able to put some support there? Wires or trellis type framework? If so then there are even more options but I'm assuming they would need to be in a pot. Is there plenty of soil there under the gravel? 
  • cab84cab84 Posts: 5
    There is soil under the gravel that I would be able to dig into... Not too much but enough that I wouldn't need to use a pot and yes I can put some support up on the wall. 
  • cab84cab84 Posts: 5
    The bamboo is in the soil however, and not sure how much breathing space anything else would have in the soil. 
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