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Possible raspberry problem?

Hi there 

Thanks again for all your previous help on other posts I've had. 

I'm now concerned about my two  raspberry canes, photos attached were taken yesterday. 

They were planted as bare root canes  approx Nov - Jan following advice received here and other sites, nothing too complicated. 

Now I'm not expecting a harvest of fruit this year, however there have been a few flowers which seem to have fruited very poorly (or at least that's what my inexperience is telling me? lol) and the leaves are yellowing with a few black spots.  I'm wondering if there is anything I need to do to nurture them in their first year to help them flourish next year or is it too late. Also I think I should have pruned them down to a few inches before planting them.  One,if you can see on the photo has a ground cane then a cane shooting out at an incline top right,where the poor fruit is.  The other has three canes growing from the ground up (this one appears to be a tad healthier looking). 

Does anyone have any advice on whether this is normal for a first year raspberry canes, or is it sign of problems. Also if there are damage limitation measures I can put in place to rescue them.  If indeed they are ok, is there any nurturing advice.  

Thanks again as always 😀🙏

Novice Caz


  • Realised that I should have posted the photos, attached now :-)
  • GrumpymumGrumpymum Posts: 77
    They look ok to me, though I am not an expert. I would expect them to get themselves established this year, send up new canes in Spring next year, which will fruit in the Autumn if the are an Autumn variety,  or the following year if they are Summer ones. Just make sure they don't dry out if we get another long dry spell. 
  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,953
    I agree with @Grumpymum they're growing roots this year.
    It would be a good idea to clear all the weeds.
    You've got creeping buttercup which can be a pain to get rid of when established, and grass that are taking goodness from the soil and depriving your raspberries

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  • Thanks so much both of you appreciate your help. 

    I'm actually planning to dig out a border along the length of the lawn where both canes are planted. Should have done that before any planting but hey hoh I wanted to get the raspberries started ASAP lol, they're my favourite Berry. 

    Hopefully the border will help clear the area around them and help clear away loads of the weeds.

    PS the raspberry is called Glen Ample think they're summer fruiting. 

    Thanks again ☺️

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