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Plant ID please

These clumps of flower spikes have appeared in my front garden this year.  They may have been in a packet of wild-flower seeds I scattered.   Some have pale pink flowers, others deep purple. Most are 100-150cm tall.
1.  Could anyone tell me what they are?  I was thinking maybe some kind of Veronica, but the leaves are very narrow.
Possibly mutants of some Veronicastrum seeds from my neighbour? (but each stem has a single flower spike and I always think of Veronicastrum as candelabra-like).  
2.  I'd like an idea of how long they may go on flowering... there are smaller stems emerging from the clump and I wonder whether I should deadhead/cut down the tallest stems, which are now beginning to set seed, to let the new growth have its turn? 
3.   If the show is over, I would save some seeds.. should I cut and dry them now or leave them to ripen?
4.   If I re-sow them next spring will they flower in the same season, or not until the following year?
Thank you, you wonderful knowledgeable people!


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