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Rambling rose planting advice

FlorafanFlorafan Posts: 15
Hello, I have just had a potted rambling rose given as a gift,  it is called Laurent Davoust and it is very beautiful.  How far from the fence should I plant it and does it need a support to climb up and be tied in, in the same way as a climbing rose?  If so, will a wooden trellis be enough?  Many thanks 


  • FlorafanFlorafan Posts: 15
    It's Laure Davoust - misspelling!!
  • MarlorenaMarlorena Posts: 8,629
    ..don't worry about the name,.. it was christened simply 'Davoust'.. the Laure was misapplied at a later date..
    ..I've not grown this rose but nice to receive one as a gift.. so I cannot talk from practical experience with this rose and don't know anybody on this forum who has it to my knowledge.. perhaps one will show up.. so you are going to be largely on your own with it..
    ...I know the blooms are small and have a good scent to them apparently..  you should probably plant it about 18 inches away from the fence but I do plant closer, even right up against trellis..  and train the canes to a support which will likely be needed, although it can be grown as an arching shrub as it's not as big a rambler as many others...

    ..don't worry about it too much,... it'll work out one way or another and you don't have to be precise about these things.. ultimately it's all trial and error and we have to move with the rose as it grows and deal with what it throws at us...
    ..this is a big rambler I have in my garden.. look how close I planted it to a post and trellis..  lol.. so  don't let it worry you..

    East Anglia, England
  • FlorafanFlorafan Posts: 15
    Thank you.  I will just call her Davoust...she is very pretty and has a beautiful scent.  I will give her plenty of space and hopefully she will do well. 
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