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Red leaved banana Abysian (forgive spelling)

we have above banana we inherited when we moved here likely at least 10 yrs old. We lift it & put in garage overwinter & replant in spring here in Sunny Sussex. This year started ok new growth in middle as usual but we had weeks of high winds which damaged the growing tip despite providing a wind break so a couple of months ago lifted & put in pot in our conservatory but it has not grown at all it still is solid & tinge of green in middle but has not made any new roots or any sign of growth in centre. Is it still worth keeping or has it expired ?? Help please !!! P.S. We have last years 'infant' so would not be total loss.  Stan


  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,710
    I'd put it back outside and then it can decide for itself if it's  a gonner or not. 
    I reckon it'll bounce back, it's still only mid June.
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