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Help with some Cacti & Succulents

Dirk053Dirk053 Posts: 4
Evening guys

We have been gifted the below plants and not having had a lot of experience with cacti & succulents I wanted to give them the best chance of survival.

The pots all have gritted cacti soil, all the pots have drainage holes.

The pot with the 3 plants, we have sitting in a West facing window, I suspect this may not be suitable as it will only get a couple of hours of evening sun, I did think of adding a cheap LED light to help it out.

The other 3 sesperate plants are on the kitchen window that faces east so gets morning and early PM sun.

I have ordered cacti food and a moisture measurer and am looking at a cheap LED light for the pot withe the 3 plants to supplement the light in the front window. 

My questions are, are they plants OK together and are they placed in the correct locations for their types.

Looking online I think these are
Parodia leninghausii
Haworthiopsis limifolia
fishhook cactus
Mammillaria backebergiana

Thanks in advance


  • Dirk053Dirk053 Posts: 4

  • strelitzia32strelitzia32 Posts: 758
    The compost looks quite dense in the photos, but if it's well gritted, drains quickly and it's loamy succulent-specific you should be fine.

    Those all need slightly different ideal conditions, e.g. the mamillaria wants full sun, but the haworthia will be happier in dappled sun. They're fine together if you want. Definitely get them in the light though.

    Careful watering is the key with these, let them dry out and don't allow them to sit in wet compost. The haworthia look like the compost is right up to the bottom of the leaves, it's generally better to top the pots off with grit so that the leaves never sit on damp ground.

    Haworthia are great!
  • Dirk053Dirk053 Posts: 4
    edited June 2020
    Thanks for the reply, will have proper look tonight and sort them outi have cactus feed and a water minter to check the moisture levels and will look at moving the pot with the trio
  • Dirk053Dirk053 Posts: 4
    Can I also just check that the names I have mentioned match the pics just so I know what to research 

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