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Senecio angel wings pruning....

Kev121Kev121 Posts: 66
My senecio angel wings has become very leggy with at the top of the stems, then just bare beneath down to the soil.
Its in a nice pot at the moment and would like to know if it can be pruned to thicken up ??
Cheers kevin. 


  • Joy*Joy* Posts: 571
    Hello Kevin
    The first one I bought was kept indoors because it was winter. I broke off a couple of leaves accidentally but put them in water because they were quite pretty. When I decided to throw them out they had filled the vase with roots so I planted them up. The plant by then had got leggy because it had lived indoors so I chopped the top off and planted that in a pot of soil. It is now huge. The bottom of the plant looked a bit of a mess but it soon grew side shoots and covered the cut stem. I leave mine out all year now. Despite having furry leaves they don't seem to mind wet weather. Apart from keeping them watered all I do is remove dead leaves. My original plant is a bit leggy too so I will have to cut it down and increase numbers again. I have given away most of my spares but currently have 3 in the garden. They look particularly nice planted in shallow pots but beware, they can get quite big. Hope this helps.
  • Kev121Kev121 Posts: 66
    Thank guys
    Great advice as usual....
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