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Are these leggy?

marieS24marieS24 Posts: 23
Hi there. I was hoping someone could please tell me if these zinnias(mix) and calendulas I planted From seed about a month ago are leggy? I’ve tried to look it up online but am seeing a huge mixture of pictures. If they are is there anything I can do to save them please? Many thanks. Marie 


  • punkdocpunkdoc Posts: 14,964
    They look fine to me.
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    They look fine to me, the top growth is too young to have become leggy. Seedlings often end up with a lot of root above the soil because the planting depth is less than the length of the root, which is what happened with these. You should bury the roots when you transplant them.
  • marieS24marieS24 Posts: 23
    Phew. That’s great and I will do that when transplanting. Thank you. Marie 😁
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