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What wire etc for climbing honeysuckle


Our new fence is being installed next week, so I can finally install some wires to attach my two honeysuckles too. 

I have some vouchers to spend at B and Q, but I'm not sure what thickness of wire to get and what eyes etc. Any advice welcome! 



  • K67K67 Leicestershire Posts: 1,513
    edited June 2020
    Honeysuckle need a good air flow as they are prone to mildew so get vine eyes with a long shank which will hold the plant away from the fence. As to wire I used to get galvanised wire in the garden section rather than the thin green stuff  but found  the thicker it is the more  difficult it is to straighten out taut. I tend to  use the gripple plastic system now but don't think bq sell it
  • Thanks K67. After a bit of research I've gone with Toolstation,  it's half the price  :o . I have ordered long shanked vine eyes, thanks to your advice. I've had a mildewy honeysuckle before in a previous garden and I'm amazed these two have been fine in this incredibly hot dry weather. I've ordered turnbuckles too, so I can tension the wire properly.  Thanks again. 

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