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Hi everyone. Having ventured into my borders i have noticed a number of new plants...can anyone help me id them please? I have about 5!

no 1. Weird rosemary look a like thing.


  • punkdocpunkdoc Posts: 14,946
    Linaria purpurea.
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  • thanks Punkdoc! Here’s no 2...

  • No 3....cannabis?

  • And finally...i know this is a hebe, its big, its round, its got white flowers now..anyone know what type please?
  • Ps. I bought the last one years ago...just forgot what type it is...its about 4 foot tall now!
  • HelixHelix Posts: 631
    2 and 3 are not things I’d want in my beds.  Forgot the names, but no3 is an invasive beast.
  • Butterfly66Butterfly66 Posts: 955
    Looks like it could be hebe rakaiensis
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  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    If the stems are stiff and almost woody, could be the following.
    Photo 2 - might be an Ash sapling
    Photo 3 - might be a Horse Chestnut sapling.
    There are so many Hebes, but the type in your photos could be Hebe Rakaiensis.
  • Thanks everyone. Cant believe you can get so much stuff growing all by itself.
    It seems there is consensus on the hebe, so i might order another one...its v good for hiding things and v round and shapely.....and  most work!
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