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Are my strawberries safe to eat.

I have managed to get rid of a rat in my garden but am wondering is it safe to eat the strawberries now ripening if we wash them first or make them into jam? The last time we saw the rat it was in the strawberry bed and I realise they carry diseases harmful to humans.


  • And (like mice) they piddle and defecate all the time - I would imagine if they're boiled for jam, then fine and thinking about it, the few strawberries that I have left after birds & presumably mice (and maybe much bigger "mice") are only washed with water before eaten - they're from the allotment but I'm sure, like yours, there is vermin all over them - so far so good (touch wood) 
  • josusa47josusa47 Posts: 3,532
    They should be all right if you wash them.  Probably safer than the supermarket strawberries which have been repeatedly sprayed with goodness knows what.  And how do any of us know who or what has peed on those while they were in the field?
  • tennisbossentennisbossen SwedenPosts: 6
    I agree with Road Apple Stew. As long as you rinse with water you should be just fine 
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