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Hi fellow gardeners has anyone any ideas re where I could erect and arch/pergola in this area of the garden please. 


  • BenCottoBenCotto RutlandPosts: 2,189
    edited June 2020
    An arch or pergola looks natural when it separates one garden area from another, inviting you to move between the two.

    In your situation I would place it at the end of the stepping stones to mark the division between the lawned area and the wooded area.

    My second choice would be at the start of the stepping stones transitioning from the terrace to the lawn. However it might be a bit incongruous as you could simply walk around the left hand side of it. Furthermore it would entail moving that wooden post, though for me that would not be too bothersome as it is underused as a bird feeder. Does it also support a washing line?
  • maggiemew1maggiemew1 Posts: 35
    thank you BenCotto. I can see how that would work well. I was hoping to put something at the edge of the concrete? I need to "make an entrance of some kind there. I am very new to gardening and favour a cottage garden style. 
  • BenCottoBenCotto RutlandPosts: 2,189
    edited June 2020
    In that case I would make a flower bed to the left of the wooden pole and choose plants that would flop over the concrete softening its edge and taking away the very un-cottagey straight edge to the patio. Nepeta faassenii Six Hills Giant and geranium Rozanne would be possible choices for you. 

    Then I would put pots on the left side of the patio, just as you have on the right though I guess these are only a temporary holding arrangement. My preference is always for pots in a single style and for me that’s terracotta. In Wilko you can get some big terracotta pots for bargain prices. Aim for fewer but bigger pots; the effect is more dramatic. 

    You can now erect the pergola where the wooden pole is. An additional benefit is that the right side of the pergola will serve to obscure that utilitarian shed. I imagine you’ll soon want to cover it in climbers but first I would advise painting it dark green or dark grey. You want the thing to recede, not have your eye drawn to it.
  • maggiemew1maggiemew1 Posts: 35
    wow great advice. Yes, if only I could start from scratch but it is what it is!
    I have been looking at that area for ages and could not figure out what to do. Yes I was thinking of planting down the left side of the stepping stones to divide up the garden . Its a big site and I need to divide it up as I am trying to get away from lawn. Should I use the shed wall on the right as the right side of the pergola (if you know what I mean) or should I have the right hand side of the pergola against the shed or should I leave a gap?? A friend is making the pergola for me. Really appreciate your views and ideas....
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