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Blue Spruce Saplings

We ordered blue spruce as our wedding favor back in March. I have a bunch in pots in my home currently and it seems that the soil was a bit too wet for them and they are beginning to lose needles. I was wondering if you had any advice in rectifying this or what the chances are that they survive the stress. Yesterday when I realized water may be the cause, I took a fork and tried to push some air pockets into the soil to help dry it out a bit and even today the soil looks much drier. I am hesitant to repot them because I don't want to cause more stress to them but at the same time I'm worried the current soil they're in will inevitably lead to death without intervention. Some are doing alright and other look straight up distressed.


Everyone I know who planted them outside is having great success, I'm just limited because we're in an apartment. I fully intend on planting them outside if/when we purchase a home. Also I just learned I can bonsai a spruce and really want to keep these guys alive!

Link to more photos -
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