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Thompson & Morgan. No responce or delivery !!!

I placed an order with Thompson and Morgan on 27th May 2020, (£42.97) did not even get email with order number on, so its impossible to trace my order on PC, or delivery date. Have tried to telephone 3 times, but not one person is answering the telephone. (yes we have Covid 19). After sending 2 emails to ask for delivery ect. I receive a reply saying do not contact again, check my order on line, I would if they had sent details, shame they don't work as quick with deliveries as they do taking money out of bank accounts. I have never known such ignorant customer service.  
These people ignore e mails have turned phones off what is happening ??????????



  • AmphibiosAmphibios Posts: 158
    Hi @paulajwhitehea double check the delivery dates in your order email. I ordered some erigerons in April and when I checked the dispatch date it’s due end of June. 
    It might be that the dispatch dates are later. 
    Regards A x 
  • AmphibiosAmphibios Posts: 158
    I understand you didn’t get a delivery notification - I had the same with Homebase very frustrating. 
  • I placed an order with the same company . I received 2 Clematis one of which looked as though it which die , Geraniums , roots bone dry leaves rotting . I complained on Facebook and after a few attempts received a reply stating they would send more Clematis , ignored the comments about the Geraniums . I had also queried where the rest of the order was and that too was ignored . I have sent another message over a week ago but still no reply . Glad to say garden centres now open . Will not place another order with them.
  • gjautosgjautos Posts: 428
    If you go on T&M's website you should be able to log on amd check delivery etc. 
  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,872
    Par for the course with them I'm afraid. There's umpteen threads about them on the forum, every year  :)

    They're fine for seeds and bulbs.
    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

    I live in west central Scotland - not where that photo is...
  • If people look on Reviews on  this link its not a good read, no customer service, no plants, no refunds its a shambles…...……..
  • gjautos said:
    If you go on T&M's website you should be able to log on amd check delivery etc. 
    All you get is an automated email. no telephones are being answered. Look at this link there are so very many people in the same boat..

  • Andy19Andy19 Posts: 671
    Never bought from this company as reviews are terrible big company with no pride in customer relations bad news.
  • Ordered online from T&M last year.  Never again. One order seemed "lost in space" but I was not contacted, another order for several items kept being delayed and website despatch updates were wildly inaccurate.  When I finally spoke to someone by telephone to cancel the order because the plants would not have had a sufficiently long growing season to be of any use in the garden, I was told that it was due to teething problems with their new computer system.  One order finally arrived months late, with all plug plants in poor condition.  Complained and got a full refund, put them on the compost heap.  Online ordering is wonderful for many things and I realise that not everyone can get to a nursery but if you need things NOW, this may be the time to support your local growers if you can, or swap seedlings/cuttings, etc with friends and neighbours.
  • I'd frankly like to know the refund rates these companies give for those plug plants they're so keen in selling. I only had two orders for plugs this year and they were both refunded after raising a complaint. Unlike my 9cm and litre pot plants which all were in great condition on arrival and thriving in the garden. It seems they fell in love with the possibility of getting plants to people through a standard letterbox while forgetting how prone to damage in transit those tiny plants really are. 
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