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A good year for the Roses. The Port Sunlight

This is the Port Sunlight rose. This is from the one in my garden. It's a David Austin rose as are all of mine, but for me it's a little bit special.

if you ever visit Port Sunlight especially the garden area known as the diamond you will see a large display of roses running down the middle of the diamond. These are all David Austin roses but sadly you won't see the Port Sunlight rose. I am told that the reason for this is that David Austin himself originally laid out the rose garden and liked Port Sunlight so much he then went on to develop the rose.

of course you can buy one at the local garden centre or online. Hopefully one day it will be included into the plan.

what roses are special to you 


  • MarlorenaMarlorena Posts: 8,417
    I like your rose very much, I have often considered it, but I have heard reports of it being a shy bloomer, which has put me off...  I have also heard of Port Sunlight in Birkenhead, or close by, forgive me if it's Wallasey..
    ...great to see your rose, there are a lot very similar in appearance these days, Mr Austin started a trend copied now almost everywhere... but I think I should like to have Port Sunlight as a Standard, it looks so nice in photos... worth a try maybe..
    best wishes for now..
    East Anglia, England
  • Definately worth I try. You are right it is just off Birkenhead. Which really shows how clever a development port Sunlight is.
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