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What to do with holly? Ilex aquifolium handsworth new silver

a1154a1154 Posts: 1,058
A few years ago I fancied a holly hedge on a short bit of border between me and next door, and bought reasonably sized handsworth new silver plants, so it was a bit of an investment. Since then, I think about 2/3 have died, and the survivors are no bigger than they were when I bought them. I think it’s too dry, and the leaves get targeted but not eaten in winter (partridges?)
i no longer need a hedge there, as next door planted one (not holly) and it’s doing really well. 
I think they will be ok if I move them, as they are in one of the driest areas. 
I just can’t think what to do with them. Holly says ‘hedge’ to me, I can’t really imagine them in a border/planting scheme. Do I need a sort of mixed evergreen shrub group? 
I’m probably overthinking it, but need a bit of inspiration. Otherwise I’ll give them away. 


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