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Mystery Nibbler - somebody is snacking...but who?

rebeccamM6CA_Gn6rebeccamM6CA_Gn6 Beckenham, kentPosts: 133
Hello all! I have recently noticed many tiny little nibble holes on by Cosmos petals, anemone leaves and clematis leaves. They are quite small and often in the centre of the leaf/petal. I have had a through look under all the foliage and I can't see anything. Sneaky blighters!
Any ideas + kind solutions welcome :)

Pictures here;

I see this bug only and wonder if it could be the culprit or just a coincidence?

Thanks guys :)


  • pansyfacepansyface PEAK DISTRICT DerbyshirePosts: 20,550
    Maybe earwigs.

    No, the little leaf hopper is entirely innocent.
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  • rebeccamM6CA_Gn6rebeccamM6CA_Gn6 Beckenham, kentPosts: 133
    Thanks @pansyface
    I am a little worried it may be Vine weevil...but not sure if they feed on such things as clematis and cosmos petals? Hoping it is indeed earwigs as I have aphids too....and miner beetles. 
  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 79,484
    I think the vine weevils are saving themselves for something else ... they tend to start at the edges and work inwards ... in the way that I eat a sandwich. 

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  • Papi JoPapi Jo Brittany, France Posts: 3,577
    I think the vine weevils are saving themselves for something else ... they tend to start at the edges and work inwards ... in the way that I eat a sandwich


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  • rebeccamM6CA_Gn6rebeccamM6CA_Gn6 Beckenham, kentPosts: 133
    Thank you so much @Dovefromabove. Let's hope then that their certainly not lurking in the wings with a large appetite :)

    Thinking about many different, affordable friendly options atm. Longing for some ladybirds and other such predators! Will assemble some upside pots etc for the earwigs and am trying to find the source of ant infestation....there seem to be a lot of them running about everywhere! I have many bird feeders out but the pigeons and magpies seem to bully all the other birds away. Any tips welcome :)
  • rebeccamM6CA_Gn6rebeccamM6CA_Gn6 Beckenham, kentPosts: 133
    sorry forgot to say that I have ants, aphids, miner beetles and earwigs, so lots to think about ahaha.
  • rebeccamM6CA_Gn6rebeccamM6CA_Gn6 Beckenham, kentPosts: 133
    ***they're not their agh sorry
  • rebeccamM6CA_Gn6rebeccamM6CA_Gn6 Beckenham, kentPosts: 133

    The earwigs are driving me mad. All my cosmos petals are totally chewed up. All growth on clematis and dahlias all eaten away to nothing. It's a nightmare. Have tried the oil and soy traps. Have tried the hay in pots on sticks. These catch about 3/4 per night by I fear that there are loads more living under some decking...oh earwigs are just the devil for me at the moment :( 
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