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Novice gardener - tomato leaves discolouration

Hi all,

I'm a real novice gardener - in fact it's my first year with a proper garden attempting to grow anything. We were gifted some tomato seedlings by a neighbour, and all was going well until the last couple of weeks when the bottom leaves started to discolour and go splotchy. This has started spreading up the plant and I don't know what's wrong, or what I can do about it! 

Any advice appreciated :) thanks!  to spre


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,391
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    The purple colouration is typical of large temperature variations - something we have and are seeing a lot of this year!  It's not usually a big problem and all you can do is increase ventilation during the day if possible and make sure windows and vents are closed at night.   Once the minimum night temperatures stabilise above about 12C, the problem will go away, assuming that is indeed the cause.  The lower leaves will soon be shed by the plants anyway.
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