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Agathis australis in pot?

RhodoNRhodoN Posts: 13
Does anyone have experience with Agathis australis? I bought a young plant a while ago and have a few questions:

The leaves are momentarily brown, though they do not look sick or dried. I've seen young trees in NZ who had the same 'symptoms'. I assume it might be because of the season, it's winter for them, coming from the Southern Hemisphere. Any ideas?

Secondly, I doubt whether it'd be better to plant the tree in the garden or just grow it in a (tree)container? Our winters are not very harsh normally, though it might drop down to below -5 Celsius at times... Maybe it's worth the trial in a sheltered location, eventually with some winter protection until it's established? In regard to a (tree)container, I know some Araucaria species such as A. heterophylla and Wollemia nobilis will be quite content in a large (tree)container but on the other hand some of these family members have an arrow root (for example A. araucana and A. angustifolia) and probably will not flourish in a container... Hmmm... Any ideas or experience?



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