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Compost bin help for a complete beginner



  • FireFire LondonPosts: 7,778
    edited July 2020
    Just to add what others have said here - that plastic rubbish bins with a lid and added drilled drainage holes work very well. I prefer these as they are low enough to turn easily, are cheap and protected from rats (or you can see entry holes if they try to get in). You can get compost from kitchen waste in three months if you turn, keep the ratios balanced and the wet/dry in proportion. I've been using a series of three rubbish bins for the last six years and they work well for me - packed with brandling worms and other life.
  • micmargmicmarg North NorthumberlandPosts: 38
    I've been reading this discussion with great interest and seeing as I have never made compost before there are a few questions that I hope you knowledgeable people could answer.
    I have 5 darlek type plastic bins that I could fill very easily as I have access to scores of huge comfrey plants and mounds of fallen brown leaves. The comfrey has gone over now and are not green and succulent any more, is this still classed as "green"?
    Also is it best to layer green and brown or mix them up before I put it in the bins or layer them in the bins.
    I don't have a lawn mower and I don't think I'm strong enough to cut them up with shears, could I just put them in whole?
    Many thanks
  • micmargmicmarg North NorthumberlandPosts: 38
    Sorry, I'm new to forums and I think I should have posted a new discussion which is what I've done now
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