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Dry white patches/holes Bloodgood Japanese Maple

Hi everyone,

I'm slightly concerned about my new Bloodgood Japanese Maple. I bought him online a couple months ago but I've noticed a lot of the leaves are very dry, with holes and white marks and it seems to be getting worse. There's also some very small white dots on the bark. At first I thought it could be scorch with the hot weather we've had lately in the UK, but now I'm worried it could be something else? I've posted a few photos below.
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm very new to the whole gardening thing, and just want my little Acer to be happy again.

Thank you x


  • I'm a bit of a novice gardener too and have a very similar maple which until a couple of weeks ago looked stunning.  We had very strong winds over a few days and the leaves are now falling, looking scorched and shrivelled.  I too have asked the same question and believe it could be the wind.  Let's hope they come back to their full glory.
  • B3B3 Posts: 27,306
    Do the white spots rub off?
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    Acers like cool, shady places and they hate wind and hot sun.
    Bloodgood is actually one of the tougher Acers, but yours is only a baby and it looks to be in a very warm spot. The weather this spring has been a nightmare for acers, but yours should recover in time, if you can move it somewhere more suitable and keep it well watered. New foliage will not get scorched if you can do  this, but the leaves that are already damaged will stay that way.
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