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Leaves turning brown

Hoping somebody can help, I brought both a new tree peony and a new astilbe a couple of weeks ago (both on the same day, from the same garden centre) today I notice the leaves are browning on both, they are both in separate areas of the garden, the tree peony in semi shade with lovely soil and the astilbe in full sun in quite clay dense soil (although I planted both in extra compost) could this just be because of the amount of rain in the last few days or is something wrong?


  • KeenOnGreenKeenOnGreen Posts: 1,824
    Don't grow tree peony's, but our Astilbe's only go like that when they don't get enough water and/or too much sun.  They are better in shade and with reliably moist soil. As it's only recently planted, my guess is that you need to water it more regularly.
  • LisaDWLisaDW Posts: 21
    Thank you. I was watering it every day and we’ve had pretty much non stop rain for 3 days, think I’ll try moving it to a more shaded area and see if that helps, just seems strange that they’ve both done it at the same time
  • Mary370Mary370 Posts: 2,003
    Astibles don't like full sun......they need some shade and lots of water
  • LisaDWLisaDW Posts: 21
    Thanks, I’ve moved the Astilbe into a more shaded area and given it plenty of water so hopefully that that one sorted at least 
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