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Plant suggestion please

JudyNJudyN Posts: 119
I have a large cistus purpureus by the patio, right by my sunlounger, which is reaching the end of its life - it must be around 10 years old so I can't complain. I'm wondering what to replace it with...

It's a sunny spot, the soil is dry, sandy and probably acid. I'm close to the south coast of the UK so something just on the right side of tender should be OK. I'd like something relatively showy, as the cistus was, but also pollinator friendly. I've rather enjoyed lunching on the patio inches away from it trying to take up-close photos of insects that land on the flowers.

I thought of a hibiscus, but think they like it moist and I try to save water as much as possible (which isn't easy with a fast-evaporating pond). I might simply replace it with a new cistus but has anyone any other suggestions? I already have a lot of more 'airy' plants like catmint & lavender so want to avoid them. And they're harder to get my camera to focus on...


  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 12,479
    Shrubby salvias e.g. Royal Bumble perhaps? 
  • JudyNJudyN Posts: 119
    Oh that's pretty, thank you, AnnieD :-)
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