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Hi there. My daughter and I showed lots of wildflowers in a boarder a few weeks back and we have 5/6 of these growing amongst them. Could anybody telly me what it is please? I have done an extensive search on wildflower seedlings as well as researching all of the ones on the box and am drawing a blank. 
Many thanks 


  • marieS24marieS24 Posts: 23
    Sowed and tell 🙄😁
  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,391
    The seed leaves are those of some type of Morning Glory (Ipomoea species) but can't really say more until they flower.  The ones you usually get in those mixtures are these purple ones:
    A slght possibility that they could be a bindweed but they don't look right for one of those, fortunately. :)

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  • marieS24marieS24 Posts: 23
    Thank you BobTheGardener this has had my brain frazzled for days. You have it exactly right, I have just looked up the seedlings and they are an exact match for what we have growing. 

    😊thank you

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