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Rose problems

hello! First time posting.

I’m having a nightmare with my roses and wonder if anyone can give me any advice.

I have a well established standard rose (Rhapsody in Blue) which has started turning yellow apart from along the veins, where it’s still normal colour. (First picture). I’ve given it some rose and shrub feed about 6 weeks ago (some of the pellets are still visible in the soil) and water it once-twice a week. The leaves are starting to droop too (Although I wonder if that is overwatering.)

The second problem one is a carpet rose which I planted about 10 days ago. I put some of the rose and shrub feed pellets in the bottom of the hole when planting. But I’ve just noticed that the lower leaves are turning yellow (second picture), but not in the same way as the first rose.

Both get plenty of light throughout the day. There’s about two feet between them, and they’re about two feet from other established roses, too.

Any advice? I’ve got another rose which I’m treating for black spot in my front garden, so I feel a little bit doomed!

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